So it seems that designers should also write.

I've tried before to have my own blog to write some things about design, user experience and a few bits of code but it never worked. I simply don't have the discipline! But after reading a few articles about designers that write and why designers should write I'll give it another try.

Reading this article from Tobias Van Schneider made me think again about writing mainly because of two things he speaks in his article.

First "writing as a form of learning". To write about something you have to know what you are talking about. You have to do some research and understand that info.

Second to "think & communicate more clearly". Like Tobias, English it's not my native language, I'm from Portugal and we speak Portuguese! To write in English makes me improve my understanding of the language and organize my speech in a clear and comprehensive way.

The article that made the final push was this one, "Write or fade away as a Designer" by Andrew Graunke, Director of Design at Toptal! I didn't want to fade away so I read the article!

In the article, there are a few sentences that made me go for another try  on writing.

"Writing doesn’t have to be serious"

According to Eyral Zuri, Muzli Co-Founder & Senior Designer at InVision, "Writing doesn’t have to be serious"! This is cool because I don't want to write serious articles I just want to write about something. If any of those articles became more serious it will be OK to me but I won't force it!

"Write for the audience you want to have"

Paul Jarvis, designer & writer, says that you should "Write for the audience you want to have". Well, I don't have any audience and I don't even know if there will ever be one, for now, I'll consider an audience of one, Me!

And finally, the sentence that sums it all!

"All it takes to be a writer is to start writing."

So I'll start writing!