Creating Experiences
From Lisbon to the World

I’ve been living in the amazing city of Lisbon for my entire life. And throughout my life, I always tried to get the best out of everything. Since I became a Designer, I found joy in taking something complex and transforming it into pleasant and intuitive experiences. I’ve always had a curious mindset and tried to keep up with the latest trends and tools, investing some of my personal time in learning and expanding my knowledge. 

In my daily work, Emotional Intelligence is key. Expressing opinions and challenging others drive the best outcomes, but I conserve emotional energy by focusing on what I can control. This way I take care of my well-being and save energy to have a good work-life balance. To me, Family is the foundation that allows me to perform at my best and produce my best work.

You can find me around complexity, designing good looking solutions with a pinch of animation for that extra layer of delight. 


Learning & Development

Culture by Design [2022] — Width Company

A journey of reflection and projection with hands-on exercises for leaders, decision-makers, and transformation agents. Inspiring and enabling the (re)design of companies' cultures from the perspective of what ultimately will be the future of work.

Design Sprint Facilitation [2018] - AJ&Smart GmbH

The official Design Sprint course from AJ&Smart and Jake Knapp (the guy that crated the method and wrote the book - Sprint) teaches not just the Design Sprint process, but the art of running stress-free Design Sprints with confidence and success.

Digital Creative Design [2016] - EDIT.

Lectured by Creative Directors, Art Directors, and Experience Designers with huge international experience. An exploration on the creative process with hands-on projects developed with real brands and real briefings.

Comunication & Multimedia Design [2007 to 2009] - ETIC_

From methodology to the creation process, from planning to practical consolidation, the student amplifies his creative potential with multidisciplinary work in the Graphic Design, Motion Design, Video, Visual Arts, Photography and Web Design areas. 

Senior Product Designer [ 2019 to Present ]

Senior Designer [ 2014 to 2019 ]

Senior Web Designer [ 2012 to 2014 ]

Web Designer [ 2011 ]

Search Marketing
Web Designer [ 2010 ]

Jr. Customer Experience Designer [ 2009 ]


Self-organization might be one of the best tools in my skillset, I can prioritize my tasks, set goals, and get things done efficiently.

I'm a good communicator that can express ideas clearly and listen attentively to others, valuing different perspectives and collaborating well to achieve our shared goals. I believe in good relationships with stakeholders, understanding and meeting their needs by delivering the best solutions.

Giving and receiving feedback is something I believe helps everyone improve.

I like a good challenge and find fitting solutions. Although I feel more comfortable in some parts of the process than others, I can do research, design good looking and useful solutions, prototype in multiple levels of fidelity, test it with users, measure the success, and iterate on results because I believe that there is always space for improvements.

The tools:



Adobe XD


After Effects



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